Instead of raising taxes Santa Ana should be more friendly to businesses

The 2018 Santa Ana City Council candidates appeared at two public forums this week. All of the candidates, except for Mayoral candidate Sal Tinajero, announced they were opposed to the sales tax increase, Measure X. Tinajero was the one who signed that ballot measure’s argument.

Ward 2 City Council candidate Mike Gonzalez, in particular, lambasted the City Council and the City administration for not being friendly to local businesses.

Gonzalez brings many decades or business experience to the table. He started with nothing, doing minimum wage work in Santa Ana. But over the years he was able to build a successful security guard company and he now owns and operated two popular restaurants/nightclubs – Mexicanismo and El Zocalo.

When Gonzalez spoke to the members of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce this week at their forum he mentioned how long it took for the City of Santa Ana to approve the plans for his El Zocalo location. He made it very clear that the experience was awful and a real turnoff to those who want to invest in Santa Ana.

Gonzalez believes very strongly that Santa Ana can overcome its financial problems by being friendly to businesses and by encouraging more new businesses to locate here, instead of raising taxes which will hurt everyone!

Only two City Council candidates have been opposed to Measure X since the beginning – Gonzalez and Ceci Iglesias, who is running in Ward 6.

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