Mike Gonzalez is the only Santa Ana City Council candidate with crime fighting experience

Mike Gonzalez and former SAPD Police Chief Paul Walters

Santa Ana leads the County of Orange in the latest crime figures provided by the FBI. On any given night there are only a few SAPD police officers on shift – in part due to a need for more police officers but also because the City of Santa Ana is in financial straits.

For over 25 years however Mike Gonzalez has assigned as many as 300 of his security guards to protect businesses in Santa Ana. Sit down with Gonzalez for a spell and he will tell you amazing stories about his own personal experience dealing with Santa Ana’s gangbangers and drug dealers.

Gonzalez is now running for the Santa Ana City Council’s Ward 2. His crime fighting experience sets him apart from the half dozen candidates that are running for Ward 2.

Gonzalez also has an answer for the City’s financial problems. In fact he has more than one solution. For starters Gonzalez firmly believes that the City of Santa Ana needs to be more business friendly in order to attract new businesses to our city. He points to his own experience trying to open his second restaurant/nightclub, El Zocalo. Gonzalez says that the opening of El Zocalo was delayed for months by the City of Santa Ana – for no good reason.

Gonzalez also was disturbed by what happened when the Santa Ana City Council voted to cancel the ICE contract with the Santa Ana City Jail. ICE opted to immediately cancel their contract – leaving the City of Santa Ana in the lurch for millions of dollars that had been borrowed to pay for the construction of the jail and the SAPD HQ

Gonzalez has the crime fighting experience and business savvy to make a difference on the Santa Ana City Council.

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