Join taxfighter Miguel Gonzalez in fighting Santa Ana’s tax Measures I and X!

Why do so many of Santa Ana’s local politicians stick it to the poorest families in our city?

Take for example Santa Ana City Councilman Jose Solorio. While he is opposed to Measure X, the ridiculous sales tax increase written and promoted by City Councilman Sal Tinajero, Solorio is backing Measure I – the latest SAUSD property tax increase bond measure.

Measure I is the third property tax increase in the past 20 years, by the SAUSD. It is unnecessary – the District gets $800 million a year. They have the money to build whatever they want. But every time they pass a bond measure they attach a Project Labor Agreement to it that limits the bidding on the construction projects to union companies only. Then the unions donate campaign funds to the SAUSD School Board members.

Even the SAUSD School Board members admit that Measure I will not advance education. That is too bad as 60% of SAUSD students are not proficient in math and 40% are not proficient in English.

As for Measure X – raising the sales tax in Santa Ana to the highest levels in Orange County will drive car dealers and other retailers out of our city. This will cost thousands of jobs and will result in less tax revenue, not more.

Shame on Tinajero for supporting Measure X! He can afford to pay this tax as he is not only a longtime teacher and Councilman, he also apparently has become an investor in the marijuana industry. But Santa Ana’s poor working families are really going to be hurt by this tax.

Shame on Solorio too. He grew up working in the farm fields. Now he is sticking it to Santa Ana’s poorest families by supporting Measure I.

Vote for Mike Gonzalez for Ward 2 – he is opposed to both Measure I and Measure X. He is Santa Ana’s taxfighter!


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